God created our bodies as temples of the Holy Spirit, and even after the Fall Baptism perfects this divine intention. Thus our bodies are sacred, and so we must dress in a manner that recognizes our dignity and shows respect for ourselves and for others. We must avoid distracting others or becoming an occasion of sin for others. We are indeed our brother's keeper and we must act charitably in regards to modesty lest we incite in them immoral thoughts and imaginations; we must assist them to attain heaven. Thus, students are to present themselves at Holy Mass and for religious education classes in such a way that reflects their dignity as a child of God, that is they will dress with modesty and show good manners. It is the responsibility of parents to make sure that their children follow this dress code.

In general, the bodies of the boys and girls will be covered from the neck area to the knees with clothes that are clean and neat. The back of the torso and shoulders must always be covered. This means that “muscle shirts”, athletic T-shirts, “spaghetti strap” tops, halter tops, and any sort of revealing blouses will not be allowed. Nor are any sort of offensive words or pictures to be worn on the clothing. Gym clothes are unacceptable for CCD classes, those coming from or going to a practice or game should bring with them a change of clothes.

Pants and shorts are not to be overly baggy and are to be belted at the waist. In no case should the undergarment of any boy or girl be visible. Shorts and skirts must reach at least the top of the knee. The “short shorts” that are popular with young ladies today are inappropriate everywhere, and especially at church or CCD. In no case is there to be any words displayed across the posterior of the garment worn below the waist (this obviously does not include standard brand tags). Pajamas are not allowed. Nor should skin tight clothing be worn above or below the waist. Hats, hooded sweat shirts and coats may not be worn in class. Something substantial should be worn on the feet. Sports cleats, “flip flops”, and high heals are not to be worn.

For those who transgress these rules St. Brendan’s will provide over-sized T-shirts during class, if that “covers” the problem. Otherwise the parents of the child will be called to bring appropriate attire.

The situation regarding what our young people wear to church and CCD has greatly deteriorated over the last decade. If this dress code is not followed I will consider instituting a simple CCD uniform next year.

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