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October 3, 2009

Government Controlled Health Care would mean (cont'd from Part V):

13) An end to private medical records. GCHC will require that your medical records be loaded onto government computers for all sorts of reasons: a. quick access for your doctor, b. cost control (the government needs to know what it is paying for, and especially what it has spent on you); and c. effectiveness studies. It remains to be seen what rights you will have to your own records. Remember that one of the ways in which the government can control your medical treatment is by being the entity that holds your records.

Government agencies will then have all your medical records and all your financial records (through the IRS). This will make it very easy for the agency tasked with the job to see if you are following the government's mandates. The Senate bill under consideration will financially penalize you if you don't have health insurance. It will have to be paid when you do your taxes every April.

14) The government is given a reason to involve itself in every aspect of your life. Do you remember the good 'ole days when people talked about keeping the government "out of the bedroom"? Well, how about the government being in your bedroom, your bathroom, your living room, your kitchen, and your refrigerator? Everything you and I do affects our health. Hence, everything we do possibly affects the cost of keeping us healthy. We can already hear the argument: "What right do you have to do x, y, or z if it is going to cost the GCHC system more money to keep you healthy?" So, by living the life of a free man or woman, you and I will be bad Americans.

15) A permanent change in elections and politics. The real reason why GCHC is being pushed is for political reasons. It is a power play. We already have an enormous governmental bureaucracy, both state and federal. We also have millions of people who are dependent on the government for their livelihood: employees of the bureaucracy, and those who receive welfare, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid payments. Our health care system is 16% of our nation's economy. When that is controlled by the government, then all those whose jobs are in the health care industry will be basically working for the government. Who do you know that will vote against the entity that employs them? GCHC will mean a large and permanent electoral block for all those who favor big government.

This is why people are calling this a "game changer". It will be almost impossible, baring a complete societal collapse, to turn the nation around after the adoption (or more likely, imposition) of a GCHC system. It will become another "third rail" in politics, just like Social Security.

This is the reason for the speed of this imposition. People, who want to be able to trust their representatives in Congress, don't want to believe that we are being tricked. More and more citizens are realizing that GCHC is not really about medical insurance coverage; rather it is about our freedom as Americans. The more people consider the implications of GCHC, the more they oppose it. That is why Congress is being pushed and pushed to do this quickly. The "window of opportunity" is relatively small. The big government people have to change our nation dramatically now, or they will lose the chance.

This ends the series

Father Mullen

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