The following parishioners have been awarded $750 parish scholarships for the 2016- 2017 school year: Christian Corriveau, Elizabeth Doyle, Isabelle Frank, Deirdre Kearney, Natalie Montalbano, and Morgan Smith. The scholarship money will be sent to the schools of the recipients in the month of November.
Our late pastor, Fr. Daniel J. Gilmartin, left as part of his estate funds for a college scholarship to be distributed according to the decisions of the Pastor of St. Brendan Parish, who is the trustee of the Fr. Gilmartin scholarship fund. The scholarship is worth $1,000, and it is given for one academic year. Hence, the conditions that I have set for the awarding of the 2016-2017 Father Daniel J. Gilmartin College Scholarship are as follows: 1) the recipient must be in a college program (or will be in the Fall); 2) the recipient must be known to the Pastor as one who lives a Catholic life of faith, worship, prayer, and service; 3) the recipient must give evidence of seeking academic excellence, providing evidence of this from the last two marking periods in school; and 4) the recipient must present a letter requesting the scholarship to me by June 15th. Whoever receives the Gilmartin Scholarship will not be eligible for the scholarships awarded from the Parish Scholarship Fund.

Fr. Mullen
Last year the Flatley Foundation gave St. Brendan’s a substantial donation for pro-life activities. Because of that donation St. Brendan’s is announcing a scholarship competition. The scholarships to be awarded are worth $1,000 each. One $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a parishioner who is presently a high school student (including those who are graduating this spring), and one $1,000 scholarship will be awarded to a parishioner who is a college or graduate school student. To win a scholarship the high school student must write a 500 word essay on the subject of “The Danger to Society in Physician Assisted Suicide”. To win a scholarship the college or grad student must write a 1,000 word essay on the subject of “The Danger to Society in Physician Assisted Suicide”. Fr. Mullen will be happy to give reference materials to all those competing for these scholarships. The essays must be submitted to Fr. Mullen by June 15th. Please, if possible, submit them by e-mail. Fr. Mullen will determine and announce the winners shortly after the due date. Contenders must allow their essays to be printed in the parish bulletin. It is possible (but not likely) to win both the Gilmartin and one of the Pro-life Scholarships. The winners of the pro-life essay scholarships will not be eligible for the usual parish scholarships.

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